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The Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism
College of Applied Health Sciences

Leisure Services Improve Life Quality

Faculty and staff of the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism (RST) at the University of Illinois work to advance knowledge about the choices that people make for their discretionary time throughout the lifespan, including outcomes of those choices at personal, family, community, and institutional levels. RST faculty and staff apply their expertise to enhance the delivery of leisure services, recognizing that recreation, sport and tourism are synergistic elements of a unique and multifaceted industry. RST appreciates the significance of play, the contribution of arts, and the value of diversity. The research and engagement of RST foster healthy lifestyles, environmental stewardship, effective management and marketing of organizations, and social and economic development of communities.

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Illinois Youth Sport Initiative

five 8-year-old kids playing soccer

In September 2014 the Illinois Youth Sport Summit convened leaders from various agencies and organizations within the state that are responsible for the design, delivery, and implementation of youth sport programs and services. There was overwhelming support from participants to embrace the research and suggestions presented, and the initiative was launched as an ongoing effort to assist practitioners in developing the skills and resources needed to implement new programs, practices, and policies that will ultimately increase the diversity, attractiveness, and effectiveness of youth sport options in the state. Learn more here.

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